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Visa Requirements

Upon your application be successful, our recruiters will be in touch regarding what documents you need for an E2 visa and how and where to get them.

Visa Documents - The documents required by Korean Immigration are as follows

1. 5 colour Passport pictures
2. Original Employment Contract signed/dated (We will provide this)
3. Copy of your passport picture & information page
4. Copy of Original Degree Scroll/Certificate with Apostille Stamp
5. Original Police Clearance Certificate with Apostille Stamp
6. Medical History form (there is a medical exam conducted within three months of arriving in Korea)

* An Apostille is required in all cases to authenticate your original police background check / police certificate and your notarized copy of your Degree scroll. Further information will be provided on notarizing documents and getting Apostille stamps, so don’t worry if you’ve never done this before! WE understand how daunting it can all sound for your first time.

Please note that Canada is not signed up to this international agreement so Canadian citizens must have their police check and notarised degree (if applicable) stamped by their nearest Korean Embassy or Consulate.

Korean Immigration officials will not make exceptions if there are any errors with either your application form or supporting documentation.

Talk to our Recruitment Consultants today if you’re unsure about any documentation you need.

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