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The information below discusses the usual elements of a contract, but keep in mind each individual institute will have its own specific contract. Be sure that all of your concerns are addressed in the contract and your questions answered so that both parties have the proper expectations.

Contracts are between you and the institute which (sponsors your visa)
and are generally quite similar among school

The majority of salaries in Korean schools range from 1.9 million won per month to 2.3 million won         per month.

15,000~22,000 won/hour
Overtime refers to teaching hours you undertake above the monthly number of hours detailed         in your contract. It’s normally 120 teaching hours per month. In the majority of schools, you          won’t teach 120 hours every month.

When you finish a full one-year contract, you receive an extra 1 month`s salary.
        No severance/bonus will be paid for periods of employment less than one year.
        This extra payment is legally owed to you.

Employee will be covered by medical benefits under the Korean Medical Insurance Union,
       a Government Health Organization. The costs of this coverage will be borne half by employer
       and half by employee (About 2% from your salary). Make sure you ask your school about
       this when you arrive. It’s important to get your medical insurance up and running right away.

This is paid by the school and is part of your package. It is generally prepaid by private
       schools while public boards tend to have reimbursement policies in place.

All the contracts we offer include rent-free housing. To avoid the many problems related to trying to find accommodation, the school will arrange a studio apartment for you. Its generally semi
furnished with the basic to get you started and to get you settled in. Utility bills and management
fees are of course the teacher`s responsibility. Some schools do take a deposit for the teachers’
initial month or first few months’ salary as security for any unpaid bills. It will be returned in full at
the end of your contract.

Teachers are normally entitled to all the same national holidays that are observed by the rest of
the staff at the school and an additional 10 working days (paid holidays). Total holidays between
national holidays and paid holidays amount to about 4 weeks’ vacation.

Can can expect the following deductions from your salary;
  • Income tax (3-4% of salary),
  • Resident tax (10% of the income)
  • National plan contributions (4.5% of salary), and
  • National health insurance premiums (2% of salary).
Some nationalities can reclaim the pension contribution in full when they leave Korea. Please check with your own embassy in South Korea. The reality however is that your school may only collect 4-7% tax from your salary as well as not charging you pension contributions so the figures listed above are at the higher band.

English teachers are usually allowed 3-6 days of paid sick/emergency leave. Legally,
for any sick day taken, your employer can deduct a day`s salary unless you present a sick
cert from your doctor. Unused sick leave cannot be taken as vacation time and is usually not
compensated. Please note that Sick days and emergency leave vary from contract to contract

Contracts are one year in duration, commencing the day you start teaching. While you’re contract
is initially one year, it is generally renewable if you so wish to stay on as some teachers do.
Others may wish to try other locations and schools in Korea for a change in scenery. Our team
are on hand to offer advice on renegotiating your contract to to assist you in finding a new

The work week is generally from Monday to Friday.

By contract, you are contracted for 120 teaching hours per month. That works out at about 6 hours
per day, and includes lunch and some preparation work; you’re looking at a normal working day.
However, most teachers don’t have 120 hours classroom time every month, as classes and
student schedules are always changing. You are more likely to find some months are slower than
others. Classes can be from 40mins to 1 hour in duration depending on the institute.

The majority of teaching positions are for students in the age range of 5years to 12 years old
(Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School) There are also some High school and Adults
teaching positions. You will generally find yourself in front of a class of about 5-12 students.
Kindergarten classes are generally in the morning and elementary and middle school classes
are in the afternoon.
You will share your class or more often now you will have a call before or after your co teacher
who is also Korean, before or after your class. Whether you share the class room or on after
each other’s classes, you will work closely together when lesson planning. Your co-teacher
will be a great resource to you as they can help with some translations and support you in
any way they can, and vice versa. It’s good to build a strong rapport with your co teacher.

Your school will provide you with textbooks appropriate to the student`s age and English level.
Most textbooks cover conversational, grammar, reading comprehension, writing and phonics;
using common everyday situations to present the material (i.e. At the supermarket). Some school
ask you to follow a certain format or lesson plans provided with the course books for their
program but most have a more flexible program giving you, the teacher more freedom to present
the material as you see best. Teachers have access to all teaching materials and resources and
are not required to bring their materials but if you have some of your own books and teaching
aides, please feel free to bring them. Also if you play a musical instrument, or have other such
talents that you feel could be incorporated into making your lessons more fun, please feel free to
bring them and speak to your course director about incorporating into your lessons.

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