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Korea is an interesting place to visit and a fascinating place to live.

You can look at your experience in Korea as a chance to either learn a new language and culture, or to save a lot of money (which, given the low cost of living, is very possible), or it can be a type of working vacation (with a very active nightlife).

Your year in Korea can be whatever you want to make of it!
Korean people are generally kind. If you need help, someone can be counted on to assist you. However, some are unimpressed by foreigners, while others are enthralled by them. This can keep things very interesting.

Korean cities have touches of English all over them, which is somewhat helpful. The subway should be fairly usable to foreigners without much instruction - the bus system is another story.

During your time in Korea you will encounter hundreds of different street vendors, both inside and outside of markets. Bargaining is common. Knock-offs of common brand names (Polo, Rolex, DKNY, etc.) can be found everywhere. There are also western style department stores. Shopping can be a great source of pleasure in South Korea.

Korean food is generally hot. Sometimes salty. Occasionally bland or too sweet. You will find some real treasures in dishes like bibimbap, mi-ok gook, bulgogi and kalabi. For those less adventurous souls, Western styled and fast-food restaurants are everywhere.

Soju, the national drink, and sometimes I think the national pastime, is cheap. One bottle (355 mL) is about fifty-six cents (US$) and contains 23% alcohol. This makes for an active, exciting nightlife. If you are not into drinking don't fret. Koreans are very understanding about this, and will not attempt to pressure you into drinking.

Korea is not like living in a western country. Sometimes the differences will frustrate you, but if you are open-minded you will enjoy yourself here.

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