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If you do decide to teach conversational English, you will likely be teaching students of all ages ranging from preschoolers, all the way up through to business men, homemakers and students.

Typically, the class size is around 5-20 students, each having relatively the same level of English comprehension.

Teachers will be provided with all the necessary materials from the institute, which are to be covered throughly. The material is quite simple for native English speakers, considering it is principally comprised of basic sentences for conversing.

As a teacher, you are expected to convey the material in an interesting and enjoyable manner, which often does require class preparation. This means reviewing the materials prior to class, and forming teaching strategies or techniques.

The teachers' texts do provide you with some helpful hints on how to convey the materials. Yet, it is not absolutely essential (nor advised) that classes be taught in a straight from the text manner. Judging by past experiences, the most effective teachers were those who incorporated their own techniques with those stated in the next.

This fusion enabled those teachers to stay on course with the teaching material, as well as having produced a less rigid teaching environment (where students actually had fun learning English conversation).

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