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1. Korean Studies at Sogang
- An excellent (and free) Korean language course brought to you
by The Center for Korean Studies at Sogang University.
2. Introduction To Korean
- An excellent overview of the Korean language. Good for learning
the alphabet and pronunication.

3. Lonely Planet - South Korea
- From the creators of the popular travel guides,
here's a website for those interested in exploring Korea.

4. Vocabulary Quizes
- Online quizes to pratice your Korean vocabulary. Very cool!

5. Learning the Korean Language
- An interactive Korean language course including a variety
of multisensory aids.

6. PusanWeb - A city guide highlighting the Korean city of Pusan.
7. Escortmap - Seoul
- Find your way around Seoul with this popular tourist map.

8. Korean Through English - An online textbook.
9. Declan Software - Two products are featured at this site: Korean HakGyo and ReadWrite
Korean. One is for learning to read and write Korean, the other is a grammar tutorial.
You can try before you buy.

10. GoSki Korea - A description of the various skiing options in Korea.
11. Recipes of Korea - A nice collection of recipes for easy to prepare Korean food.
12. Canadian's in Korea - An article discussing Canada's role in the Korean war.
13. Cyber Korean School - An online classroom for learning Korean. Contains both free and
paid sections.

14. Korean Online 4.0 - Online dictionary, includes grammar tutorials, pronunciation pratice,
and more.

15. The Korea Times - A daily English newspaper from Seoul.
16. The Korean Herald - A daily English newspaper from Seoul.
17. AnNyoung - A music store that focuses on Korean music.
18. The Ulsanweb - Their objective is to help the expatriate community of Ulsan better acclimate

19. Ginseng and Morning Calm - Recipes and articles on Korean cuisine.
From GlobalGourmet.

20. Korean Cricket Association - All about cricket in Korea.
21. The Blind Man's Daughter, Part 1 - This story is a popular Korean folk tale focusing
on filial piety, honesty and integrity.

22. The Tiger in a Trap - This is a story about judgment and gratitude.
23. TownMax.com - An online site for foreigners living in Korea. The hold several events during
the year (Seoul based).

24. Cook Korean - Includes popular recipes such as bulgogi, kimchi, and bibimbab,
as well as a guide to Korean etiquette and celebrations.

25. Escape Artist.com - A website dedicated to those who are looking to explore live abroad.
26. Korea Racing Association - Horse racing in Korea.
27. Korean 3 - An advanced tutorial for those wishing to further develop their vocabulary.
28. Korea's Rice n Beans and Grilled Chicken - Some simple Korean recipes.

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