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Rosemary Sorg​
No 1548
Name Rosemary Sorg​
Gender Female
Nationality USA
Starting Date 2015--
Desired Location
Birth Date 1995--
Marital Status Single
Desired Teaching Level Not specified
Saturday Work Not specified
Degree you have
Major : English as a Second Language
Teaching certificate    
Desired Pay Per Month Not specified
Desired Housing
Teaching experience    
Visited Korea before    
Cover letter I would make an good ESL teacher in South Korea because I have living and working experience with many different people in many different countries. I have an ESL background and I have studied languages/linguistics extensively. I am young, energetic, and motivated to start a life in South Korea.
Education & Work Experience
 Worked as an internation volunteer through Brethren Volunteer Services, a US program, as a house assistant in L'ArcheKilkenny in the Republic of Ireland and and administrative and youth worker volunteer for Enable NI in Northern Ireland . Tasks in L’ArcheKilkenny included where caring for vulnerable adults with intellectual disabilities, managing aggressive/potentially aggressive behavior, medication training and administration, training new volunteers, personal assistant for one vulnerable adult, cleaning, and cooking. Tasks in Enable NI included working with children, youth, and adults with special needs, youth clubs, weekend respite, overseas holidays, funding application and writing, website content writing, editing written texts, photography, answering phones, handling post, database entry, and auditing.

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